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The scholarly journal Folia Orientalia (ISSN 0015-5675) was founded in 1959 by Professor Tadeusz Lewicki, a prominent Polish Arabist. It is published by the Orientalist Commission of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Kraków. Professor Lewicki’s editorial work was continued by Professor Andrzej Zaborski, who specialized in the comparative linguistics of Semitic-African languages. Folia Orientalia focuses on Oriental studies (on the Near, Middle and Far East, and Africa). The periodical covers the research fields of linguistics, literature, history, archaeology, religious studies and anthropology.


Notes for Contributors


The contributors are kindly asked to submit their papers in English, German, French, Italian, or Russian.


-         Contributions sent to Folia Orientalia should not be submitted to any other journal or publishers, nor should they have been previously published elsewhere in any language.


-         All articles and reviews should be based on original research.


-         Each article will be anonymously assessed by two independent referees.


-         Text copies accepted for publication will not be returned.


-         There is no standard length of articles, but usually up to 25 pages of approximately 1,800 characters per page is the best option.


-         Contributors are requested to send one hard copy of their paper, and one software copy – on CD or DVD (Microsoft Office Word only). All the fonts used in the paper, except for Times New Roman, should be enclosed. The printed copy is going to be the basis for publication, therefore it should be absolutely correct and identical with the contents of the disc.


-         The Authors are also kindly asked to append abstracts and key words.


-         The style sheet and especially the references should follow as closely as possible the standards used by Language – Journal of the Linguistic Society of America, which can be checked at www.lsadc.org/language/langstyl/html.


-         Maps, photos and other illustrative material which cannot be edited by Word, should be produced in clear copies on separate sheets.


-         The authors are requested to give their affiliation and e-mail addresses.