B No LI / 2014

A r t i c l e s

  1. Federico CORRIENTE:
    Again on the “Yemenite connection” of Andalusi Arabic and other Western Arabic dialects
  2. Stefano MANFREDI:
    Demonstratives in a bedouin Arabic dialect of Western Sudan
  3. Ahmad AL-JALLAD:
    Aṣ-ṣādu llatī ka-s-sīn – evidence for an affricated Ṣād in Sibawayh?
  4. Elitzur A. BAR-Asher SIEGAL:
    From a Non-Argument-Dative to an Argument-Dative: The character and origin of the qṭīl lī construction in Syriac and Jewish Babylonian Aramaic
    The proleptic dative pronoun in Tannaitic Language
  6. Alexander ANDRASON:
    Qotel and its dynamics (part 2)
  7. Alexander ANDRASON & Juan-Pablo VITA:
    From glosses to the Linguistic Nature of Canaano-Akkadian
  8. Roswitha DEL FABBRO:
    A new archaeological look at Sefīre
  9. Massimiliano FRANCI:
    Egypto-Semitic Comparison: Some considerations on bilabials and dentals relationship
  10. Carsten PEUST:
    A morphological sketch of West Dangla (Chad)
  11. Marijn van PUTTEN:
    Some notes on the Historical Consonantism of Awjila
  12. Václav BLAŽEK:
    Phoenician/Punic loans in Berber languages and their their role in chronology of Berber
  13. Václav BLAŽEK:
    On classification of Agaw languages
  14. Václav BLAŽEK:
    Beja versus Nilo-Saharan: on the lexical witness of mutual contacts
  15. Tomasz POLAŃSKI:
    The looting and destruction of artworks and libraries in Pontus and Kommagene
  16. Robin SEIGNOBOS:
    Le médecin et le singe du calife l’ambassade du prince nubien Georgios d’après le K. aḫbār al-aṭibbāʾ de Yūsuf b. IBRĀHĪM b. al-Dāya († ca. 869)
    Early Egyptian abstract thinking – remarks on philosophical elements in the Egyptian formative period

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